The beauty of Rohtang Pass captivates every travel enthusiast. The mesmerizing glaciers, snow-clad valleys, pristine rivers, and panoramic views make it one of the most popular tourist attractions of Himachal. The pictorial pass is 51 km away from Manali, so easily reachable by road. 

Rohtang Pass is nature's spectacle as it connects to the pictorial valleys of Himachal. Also, it is a good place for adventure and bike lovers as they can brave slippery roads and dangerous curves. 

As the place is filled with splendid and beautiful attractions - tourists from all over the world head to the place.


Reasons to visit Rohtang Pass:

1. Adventure activities :

Rohtang Pass is heaven for all adventure lovers. You can enjoy many adventure activities like trekking, mountain biking, skiing, and paragliding. Trekking the snow-clad mountains of Rohtang Pass may require endurance, and it can get tricky during the winter season. 

Many biking expeditions happen in Rohtang Pass, so bikers from all over India come here. Moreover, skiing is something you can’t miss, especially during winter.

Paragliding in the region will offer you a perfect thrill and adrenaline rush. Rohtang Pass offers many adventure activities. However, it depends on the weather conditions and permits. 

2. Vivid landscapes:

The most splendid thing about Rohtang Pass is - it offers vivid and picturesque landscapes. Even while traveling to the place, you will witness the beauty of the landscapes.

In winter, the place looks awe-inspiring. The snow-clad valley views are breathtakingly beautiful, and you will enjoy every frame you see. However, the weather can be rough during the rainy season or winter, so you must keep all the safety precautions in mind.

Tourists from all over India visit Rohtang Pass for the natural valley views. Also, you will witness the magic of magnificent Himalayan ranges from the place. 

3. Cascading waterfalls:

Who does not like to see the cascading and mesmerizing waterfalls on a holiday? In fact, India is home to many such waterfalls.

When you visit Rohtang Pass, you can visit the most popular waterfalls at Rahala. It is 16 KM away from Manali when you drive toward the pass. It cascades from 2500 meters, making the sight look captivating.

When you reach the place, you need to be careful of the trek as it can be slippery due to snowfall or if you visit during the rainy season. It is one of the best reasons why you should visit Rohtang Pass. 

4. Quaint villages:

The village life is quite different from city life. Once you get to know the culture and traditions of quaint villages near Rohtang Pass, it will give you reasons to feel delightful. You can explore authentic food and take part in festivals to know more about the people.

Also, talking to locals will make you feel good. You must stay for a while and get to know the life of the locals. Don't worry, as the people of these villages are hospitable and welcoming. It's one thing you can't miss in Rohtang pass. 

5. Amazing Photography:

Rohtang Pass is home to many picturesque spots, making it a perfect place for photography. Most professional photographers travel to Rohtang Pass to capture scenic frames with their lenses.

The gorgeous snow-clad valleys offer unbelievable beauty that will leave you mesmerized. It's your loss if you don't carry a camera - along with you to Rohtang pass.

Most importantly, the frames it offers are Instagram-worthy. If you love to pose for picture-perfect shots, you must visit Rohtang Pass. Are you ready to take some drool-worthy shots?


Plan a trip to Rohtang Pass:-

  • Ideally, the best time to visit Rohtang Pass is from May to Nov. The pass is open for tourists during these months, and you can take part in the adventure fun during this time. However, the weather may not be perfect during winter due to heavy snowfall.
  • Bhuntar is the nearest airport, but it will take three to four hours to reach the pass by cab.
  • You can take a train to Joginder Nagar and book a private cab from the station. Alternatively, you can book a private cab from Manali to reach Rohtang Pass. 


Get amazed by the pictorial beauty, 

Visiting Rohtang Pass will be a lifetime experience for you. However, you will need an entire day to have a great time here. Also, you will need a special permit to visit the pass. 

Try opting for a sturdy vehicle while traveling because the road journey can be tough. If you want to rejuvenate your senses, you should visit Rohtang Pass. It will let you experience paradise on Earth.

Rohtang Pass is known for its incredible beauty and pictorial views of the Himalayan ranges. You can spend hours admiring the natural beauty it offers.

It is also a popular hub for snow adventure activities and is therefore frequented by adventure seekers. Are you ready to explore the beauty of Rohtang Pass?